Nixons Hill Farms

Barn and Training Arena

Shelter - Denco Storage -added in 2018

Autumn on Nixons Hill


Seaforth Fair Paige getting ready to accept her ribbon

Michael Training for the Fair


Tye and Cade - Christmas snowman

Nearby Bayfield for shopping and picnics

New Shelter

More scenes from our home - can you see the horse?

Cade helping clear some snow

Clinton Arena fundraiser

Tornado/Disaster Plan--------

  • Keep an updated list of your animals
  •  If you have to head for shelter, take something you can use to put down mortally wounded animals. 
  •  Police (understandably) are accounting for humans and don't have time to help out right
    after the storm, you will be lucky if a vet can get out
    quickly with downed trees,
    electric lines, and other debris.

  • Review your insurance policy every year or two. 
  • Horse  trailer and tack shop and barn (blankets, halters, clippers, show stuff )
  • It only takes about a minute to wipe out everything.
  • Every couple of years take a video of every room.  Open closets, drawers, and
    cabinets and talk about what is in them. 
  •  Video the contents of your garage, sheds, barns... everything you can think of, tape it. and put the tape in your safe room, basement, cellar, or in a safety deposit box.  
  • When personal property loss sheets are completed they want all sorts of information about each item.  It's hard to remember everything that you have.
  • Make a personal property sheet and diarize to update once a year.
  • Have a backup plan for a truck and trailer whether it's knowing a rental place or
    family and friends.